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Small Dumbwaiter

Complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and self supporting galvanised steel structure.

Small Dumbwaiters 5 & 20 Kg

Compact and easy to install and use are the attributes of our smallest lift.

Both the motor and the control unit are situated in the bottom part of the shaft and this allows us to reduce the headroom to a minimum. This small dumbwaiter is perfect for moving small items when space is a factor.

  • Capacity 5 or 20 kg
  • Up to 2 entrance sides
  • Landing doors on the front or front & rear.
  • Landing doors are at waist height and hinged.
  • Motor position at the bottom inside the shaft.
  • Other car sizes on request
  • Low headroom of only 1530
  • Complies with European Standards EN81-3:2000

15 + 11 =


  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alternative Sizes


Capacity 20kg
Car Dimensions (mm)

Width from 250mm to 350mm

Depth from 310mm to 500mm

Height upto 500mm

Max Travel 2-stop (mm) 4000
Model 20.35/38
Min Serving Height 700
Headroom 1530

Width 290mm + Car Width

Depth 420mm to 610mm

Speed 0.15 m/s